Ukweli is known for bringing something new and special to the spectrum of dance music. As a veteran DJ, his mission is to ensure that every person has a great time with the promise of a new and exciting experience.

“For me the roots to every thing I’ve been about musically have always been in relation to Jazz in all its different forms, offshoots and influences. The thing that I love most about Jazz is that it’s a music that lives in the moment. Like fire… it’s ever changing, unpredictable and if left unattended it will purify everything in its path. Nothing remains the same once it has been touched by Jazz. Just as fire is what it is. JAZZ DOES WHAT IT DOES! So it’s from that spirit that I DJ, create, celebrate and give my music from. Let it Breathe!!!

The musical voyage continues with Ukweli’s new releases on Dibgate Records.

  1. The Common Man Ukweli Buy 9:46
  2. The Black Messiah Curtis Smith presents: Ukweli Buy 7:51


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