Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Scartat began his musical endeavours in the early 2000s, when a friend asked him to DJ a small house party. Little did he know how much that night would change his life. “I was only supposed to play for about an hour or so, but instead I ended up on the decks pretty much all night. After the party, the owner of the house told me he was actually throwing a rave the next night and asked me to play. I didn’t think I was ready for an actual crowd, but I said yes, and am so happy I did.”

His unique blend of heavy metal and drum n bass combined with a high energy performance that night put him on the radar of many of the city’s top promoters and before long, you could catch him at various raves across the province on any given weekend, playing everything from drum n bass, heavy metal, breakcore and gabber, to hip hop, breaks and house. A few years after that first gig, Scartat began to get “the itch.” A friend gave him some production software, and from then on there was no stopping him.

Years later, and several releases under his belt, Scartat has truly evolved as an artist. His sets blend traditional DJing with live performance, and never stick to just one genre. “I get bored from single genre sets. There is just so much amazing music coming out now, that it almost seems like a crime to limit yourself to just one genre.

So what can you expect from Scartat in the future? “You know, I can’t really say. Right now I’m having fun making music. I’m lucky enough to be able to make music a living, and I know this could all end in a second, so I’m just going to enjoy this while I can.”

  1. Aggrepusher (Original Mix) Scartat Buy 7:10


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